Friday, May 31, 2013

Long Time No Blog!

To all 3 of you that still read this blog, I am back for a cameo!

Work and stuff has taken precedence lately, which is a good thing in many ways. Unless you like to read sentence fragments, double entendres, and rude racking stories. All centered on the bike, of course. While blogging has suffered, commitment to the discipline of the bike has generally remained. Tue/Wed/Thur/Sat/Sun you will find the core of the HCD out there scrapping away at a mediocre pace. But with style baby.

Now to the essence of the blog. Ride Recap!

Sunday 5/26
"El Viento en Culo"
With the gulleywasher of a storm ruining all hope of the Nelos Epic Ride, Ullrich and I pulled a massive brain twister. Deciding to ride north from his place of employ, we knocked 35 miles up Parmer ALL WITH Viento en Culo. 20-25mph. Google-translate that my friends. In our wisdom, we decided to ride hard WITH the wind, as we saw visions of golden chalices floating next to segments from 360 to Georgetown. Ullrich and I hit the turn with a 19.6mph average.

Cue the Goat
Immediately upon turning, the seriousness of the situation smacked ME in the face. At 25mph. Damn son. What was you thinkin? Mashing pedals, Gnashing teeth. Chainring teeth. As we slogged back to Austin 19.6mph inexorably slipped. And slipped some more. When we pulled into Innotech's parking lot, ride average was 17.0mph. That's a whopping 14.4mph on the way back. UGH. 4 hours 12 minutes in the saddle. nine minutes of rest time, which includes stoplights.

I Need to Adjust My Bleat

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