Wednesday, December 31, 2014

2014 The Year in Review

Vacation in the Midwest allows ME numerous options not present while in the ATX.

1. The awesome weather up here promotes slothfulness. Laziness - EMBRACED
2. The array of local beers demands sampling. Bacchus - EMBRACED
3. Being surrounded by family amplifies reflection. Introversion - EMBRACED

So, in a hopped up state of sloth and holiday reflection, here is ME SHARING THE YEAR IN REVIEW WITH YOU

A longtime disciple of the PedalHard dungeon, 2014 beckoned for some change. The trigger was an unfulfilling camp in January-February. Just felt like all involved, including ME, were going through the motions. I still love those guys and am very thankful for the experience gained while training there. I will continue to train there when time/conditions dictate. But, time for some variety. Thanks to Jack Cartwright (friend, ex-client, and triathlete) for helping ME clear the palette.

After signing some release forms that ensured no legal repercussion for Jack working ME to death, it was off to the salt mines. Goals for 2014?

  • Ride OUTSIDE. Hamster-wheeling on the turbo is terrible, and should be avoided unless certain peril awaits in 3-D.
  • Get stronger. Duh.
  • Do the MS-150 in one day 
  • Finally cross the Ridge of my ride list. Forever. 

2014 Results:

Goal: Ride OUTSIDE
Results:From March-December, only 13 rides were on the turbo, 224 rides for the year. I think the folks in Barton Creek West are preparing a restraining order, but it was worth it. Gains outside seem more tangible to ME.

Managed to climb this in the 12x25! 
Goal: Get Stronger
Results: Mission accomplished. Nothing more boring than talking power, but I gained 9.5% improvement in 2014. Thanks for kicking my ass Jack. It worked. Note that 2014 brought more LT tests than I had taken in the last two years combined. All were outside as well.

Do the MS-150 in a day
Results: See "A Mighty Wind" for this debrief. It could have been named "Jesus loves me this I know, for this tailwind tells me so"

Goal: King Ridge
Results: See "King Ridge Highs and Lows" for boring litany about epic rides, deeply meaningful suffering. And beer.